5 Creative Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Space

 Have you ever considered changing up your space? Well this may be your chance to try something different. Here are 5 simple tips you can do to keep your space exciting.

TIP #1 – Become A Plant Parent!

Plants are beautiful, they bring the outside indoors and they have major health benefits. Plants such as orchids and succulents have been proven to emit oxygen, eliminating harmful toxins in the process. Not only do they look good, have health benefits but studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Below are some plants you can consider buying for your bedroom. Read more about the benefits of indoor plant benefits here.

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TIP #2 – Learn How To Macrame

Macramé is a textile production that creates patterns using knots, so you are in luck! No needles needed for this one. Macramé is an interesting way in which you can create chic designs for your space. Learn the basics of Macramé on Youtube:

TIP #3 – Abstract Artist

Feeling a little creative? Why not make some art prints for your space? Creating abstract art is a way in which you can create a masterpiece that doesn’t require too much artistic skill. Creating your masterpiece requires minimal tools and equipment, some ideas may even require tools you already have at home. For example a blow dryer or your fingers. Get messy, creative and most of all have fun. Watch this Youtube video for some ideas:

TIP #4 – Resin Agate Coasters

Get yourself some resin, silicone, paint and start pouring. Agate slices are a lovely DIY option for coasters instead of buying them for extortionate prices. This DIY is very easy and inexpensive, and most of all it adds the change you need to spruce up your space. Check out these ideas below!

TIP #5 – Organisation

Lastly, organising your space is very important. Not only does it help you locate your items, but it also has an impact on your stress levels, leading to a less chaotic lifestyle. Consider purchasing some storage units that help compartmentalise your items. Overall all of these tips are great ways you can spruce up your space and improve your wellbeing during this period, try them out and see how it goes!

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