Can’t decide what to watch?

My personal recommendations:

I’m Gabby, part of the home at halls team, and I love a good Rom-Com, Crime Thriller, Murder Mystery and Real-Life Documentaries. Louis Theroux offers some really insightful documentaries based all over the world. My problem is that I like to binge watch series’ so I could spend the whole day simply watching Netflix. Sounds ideal since there’s not much else going on now and I have some catching up to do!

The Stranger – Everyone was talking about The Stranger I had to watch it and I do NOT regret it! I was hooked and spent the whole day dedicated to this series. Is it best to tell the truth or are secrets best left untold? Watch now on Netflix

You –Season 1 was my favourite, but they’re in talks of creating season 3, for how long will this continue? What would you do for love? I was shocked by season 1 and then speechless after season 2. You’ve got to watch it to see what I mean… Stream on Netflix

His Dark Materials – A new fantasy Welsh drama adapted from Philip Pullman’s book trilogy. It includes parallel universes, magic and alternate worlds. I didn’t know what to expect but I was lucky enough to visit the set as it was produced close to my home and my Dad worked on the set. Pretty cool! Check it out on BBC iPlayer.

What I’m planning on watching…

The End of the F***ing World – The title seems fitting at the moment with all that’s going on and many of my friends have recommended it to me. I’m hoping that this series based on a comic book will bring some laughter and brighten the days. On All 4 and Netflix

Jessy Nelson: ‘The Odd one Out.’ – I’ve heard such good things about this and even if it’s a tearjerker, I’m looking forward to watching it – maybe even tonight! The Little Mix star opens up about her experience being bullied online and how this impacted her. “in a world where you can be anything, be kind.” <3 on BBC iPlayer

Happy viewing! Let us know what you’ve been watching and what you’d recommend.

By Gabby

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