Why you shouldn’t stay in pyjamas when studying from home

Maybe studying or working in your pjs sounds ideal. I mean why not? If you are not leaving the house, why bother getting dressed, right? While this sounds like a great perk of studying from home, it can have a negative impact in your work and life.

Here are three reasons why working in your pyjamas is not a good idea after all

  1. Lack of productivity

If you are dressed for bed, your brain will think it’s bedtime. Putting on actual clothes is likely to enhance your productivity as it helps you switch from ‘home mode’ to ‘work mode’.

2. It can be bad for your self-esteem

When in pyjamas, you can sometimes feel lazy and demotivated and can cause lack of confidence. Feeling good on the inside sometimes comes from looking good on the outside

3. Bad for your mental health

Studying or working from home can lead to mental health issues. It is often lonely, and it involves a lot of time spent in front of the computer. If we aren’t careful, it can worsen into bad hygiene and consequently lack of confidence. Therefore, wearing normal clothes while studying or working from home can be vital for your wellbeing.

Routine is important for maintaining our mental health and getting dressed is a big part of that routine. It is of course not suggested that you get dressed up for staying at home! Try to wear something that is comfortable but also makes you feel motivated for the day ahead.

By Margarita

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