Don’t become a couch potato during isolation!

It’s tempting to stay in your pyjamas, watch Netflix, and have the only exercise be when you reach for your phone. Getting moving and staying active (even in small ways) can help boost your energy and mood! Here are apps to help you stay active during isolation.

Yoga and Workouts 

Down Dog

This company has a group of apps for various types of exercise, which normally cost around £40, but they are completely free until 1st July if you sign up with your university e-mail! When you open the app, choose the ‘email and password’ option to use your university e-mail and create a password to be prompted for a new account. You’ll receive an email to confirm your university details, and voila, you can get started right away! No payment required. 

Aside from Down Dog (for yoga), check out their other apps with the same offer: HIIT, Barre, and 7 minute workout. Check out all of the apps HERE.


Start a 1-month free trial HERE. This company provides even more specific lessons for those of you who want to focus on certain areas to workout.

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Dance the anxiety out 

If you love to dance like I do, then there are still plenty of options online to complete Zumba workouts in the comfort of your own home. Just search on youtube to find complete workouts, such as ones from POPSugar:

Also, ‘Just Dance’ lets you play the game using your laptop/computer and your phone as the controller. Try it out for free at

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