Looking for secret gardens in the midst of a pandemic!

With the new restrictions on daily life that we have to follow, there are only a few places on Campus where we are still allowed to go safely to stretch our legs for our daily exercise. Luckily my favourite is still open: Harris Garden! The garden is on the outskirts of Campus, hidden away from the central area, which makes it the perfect spot to recharge your battery or catch a breath of fresh air after having been in your room for so long. I found the garden one day while I was roaming around Campus and I couldn’t help getting lost in it, literally and figuratively! Since its discovery, I just kept going back anytime I needed a change of scenery. 

Since the moment I read the book The Secret Garden by Francis H. Burnett, I have always loved English gardens. They are different from Italian or French ones, where the vegetation is neat and tamed. English gardens are full of nooks and crannies, with plenty of flowers and plants pushing up towards the sky to get as much light as possible between one sunny spell and the other. 

There is an air of beautifully uncontrolled chaos, in the middle of which every flower or plant could thrive in its own natural and free way. 

When I stepped into Harris Garden, I got the impression of being transported into the novel and its secluded garden. But what I love about it isn’t just how it reminds me of the book but how it reminds me of the positive influence that Nature can have on our well-being too. And I have the impression that now more than ever we need reminders of how important Nature is to us and how worthwhile it is to try to ‘cultivate’ positive thoughts to face the stressful and uncertain situation we are all in. 

So, if everyone is feeling a bit down, overwhelmed or lonely, let me suggest you go out – always observing the Government rules- and discover this ‘secret’ garden. Stretch your legs, spend half an hour there, enjoy the arrival of Spring…and let Nature work its magic! 😉 

Make sure you stay safe, follow Government rules and if you find it, please, share your pictures of the Garden or let us know what soothes you during these days of social distancing and isolation! 

By Sara

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