Online Learning – Get The Best Out Of Yourself.

Here is some advice and a few tips on how you can maximise your productivity whilst online learning.

#1 Get Up and Active

It’s so easy to stay in bed until you’re ready to move and then slowly roll out of bed to find that you’ve have lost half the day – we’ve all been there. Try to avoid this by getting up and active as early as you can, attack the day! It will be tough but the feeling of accomplishment later on is definitely worth it.

#2 Organise your Workspace and Plan your Day

Start every day by creating a plan of tasks you need to complete. Dividing your daily tasks breaks up a busy day of study and chores into smaller, more manageable chunks. Stick to your timings as much as possible to maintain discipline and routine, if you don’t do this you may end up with a backlog of tasks. Therefore, allocate the right amount of time for each task.

Set up a working space which is spacious enough to study and keep it as tidy as you can. A clear desk makes for a clear mind and clarity of thought.

#3 Food and Hydration

It’s easy to get on a roll with your studying and forget you need to stay nourished and hydrated. Take care of yourself and avoid starving yourself to cram in one extra lecture. Mental alertness is greater during periods of full hydration so keep a glass or bottle of water handy whilst working.

#4 Take Breaks – Mental and Physical

Ensure you don’t try to overload your brain with information. Take regular breaks and do activities which take your mind off your study. Yoga, puzzles and home workouts are simple but effective ways to take your mind off of your study. It is easy to think that pacing around for 5/10 minutes is a break but you can end up letting your study stress linger in the back of your mind. Instead, indulge in non-study related activity to stimulate your brain and body in different ways.

#5 Learn New Skills

YouTube YouTube YouTube. Staying at home provides ample time to get online and learn a new skill. Give yourself an hour a day to learn something new. Try this every day and soon you could have a new party trick, be able to do origami or might have mastered a handstand – of course there’s a lot more to learn than these. Let us know what new skills you’ve managed to acquire.

#6 Understand Your Daily Process

As you work your way through these tips, you will start to understand your own working pattern and will know when you are least productive. Use this information to plan your day accordingly. Chores, exercise and other activities can be done in these periods to improve your studying efficiency – working when you work best.

Utilise this time to work independently and remotely. It’s a life skill that can be transferred from study to your professional life. Take it seriously and maximise your productivity, there is 24 hours in a day, figure out what times you work best.

Good luck with your studies!!!

By Dyaus

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