Ways to take care of yourself and feel refreshed!

With salons closed your appointments are likely to have been cancelled which is disappointing because a fresh mani- or pedicure always helps lift the mood and means you can take some time to relax. Taking some time out to pamper myself is definitely one way to lift my spirits, even if I have to do it myself.

Foot Mask: I found a great honey and almond foot mask which moisturises, soothes and softens in 20 minutes. Simply place your feet in the funny little boots and put your feet up to relax.

Face Mask: I try to do a face mask once a week but with a busy schedule at uni I often forget. Therefore, I’m making it a mission to nourish my skin every week now that I have more time on my hands. Instead of the one use sachets I managed to get a multi use bottle of 7th Heaven Charcoal Mud mask.

Nails: A file and buff goes a long way to care for your nails and why not add a splash of colour? I’m partial to a bright colour, usually pink. Maybe you could get creative and start trying out some different patterns. Water marble is a cool way to create patterns on your nails which I’m looking to try out!

Hair: Try doing something different to your hair or using a hair mask to nourish it. Braids? I’ve never managed to plait my own hair, now is a great time to practice.

Check out our Learn Something New blog suggesting some other skills you could learn.

Hope you’re all keeping and feeling well <3

By Gabby

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