App Review: Just Dance Now

I’m back with some more ideas to stay active! I recommended trying this app in our ‘Don’t be a couch potato’ post, and I’ve been trying it out myself since to learn the pros and cons.


  • No need to create an account – after playing once, just make a username for yourself and it will save your progress
  • You have access to over 500 songs and it’s a very diverse collection (English, Hindi/bollywood, Korean/kpop)
  • You can play with your laptop as the screen, or use AppleTV or Chromecast to project it on a bigger screen
  • When everything is connected well, the phone completely worked like a game controller; I tried not moving my arm at all/not really trying, and it recognized that.
  • Friends can join to play against you by scanning a QR code or using the room code at the top of your screen
  • It’s available on the app store, google play store, and Mac app store.

Picture above: This shows lots of song options. The time is being counted down at the top before I receive more coins. The bottom of the screen shows my ‘room’ number; this is a number I can share with people who want to play with me.


  • This is a bit of pro and a con: Each song ‘costs’ 100 coins. You start with 200 coins (so, 2 songs), and you get 100 coins added after every 24 hrs. You can buy more if you want to. It’s nice that it gets renewed, but it limits how much you can play at one time
  • The app, at least for the iPhone, takes up a lot of space (almost 200 MB) so I had to delete a few things before it would work
  • The app occasionally crashes or glitches out – at one point, I had chosen a song and used 100 coins, but the app crashed. When it opened again, I had no more coins left to use and had to wait 24 hours to play again
  • I tried using chrome cast and this wasn’t a completely seamless connection; I think it would be easier to just have your laptop as the screen

I think it’s still worthwhile to try this app if you enjoyed the console Just Dance game, have a phone and laptop, and good internet connection. Let us know what you think!

Useful links

Find out more about chromecast here:,news-17637.html

The official app website:

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