Try these virtual Easter egg hunts!

Although you’ll have to get chocolates yourself, there are a few options to try virtual egg hunts and continue to be safe with social distancing! If you can’t see all of your family, it would be good to do a group video chat and have everyone also try to find them at the same time on their own screens and see who can find the most.

For the little siblings and cousins: ABCYA

A sweet game for little kids, this website offers hidden eggs to click on. You can also join them and make it a contest.

Find it here

Support a good cause — St. Nicholas Hospice

On April 10th, fill in the online form to download a free PDF with egg hunt images of varying difficulty.  The St. Nicholas Hospice is a local charity “providing help, advice and support to people in West Suffolk and Thetford in the final chapters of their life, who are living with long-term and life-threatening illnesses.” The hunt is free, but donations are appreciated.

Find it here

Interactive, 6-day egg hunt: Rochdale Egg Hunt

This interesting hunt starts on Friday! You’ll take 360 aerial views around Rochdale town centre and shops. Here is their description: 
“Each day we’ll be giving you a clue via social media as to where the egg is hidden, at the end of that day the egg will disappear so you’ll need to check out our feeds each day to find the clue. When you think you’ve worked out where the egg may be, simply navigate through our virtual town to track it down. When you click on the egg you’ll see a popup, during the hunt there will be a letter on the card, use all the letters from the 6 day long hunt to spell out a word, submit that word to be in with a chance of winning eggcellent prizes.” 

See more information and a preview here.

A screen shot of the Rochdale 360 website

How are you going to make your Easter as fun as usual, even without meeting everyone in-person? Remember to stay home and keep practicing that social distancing!

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