As a show of support for all of the NHS workers who are working so hard on the front line of this virus to do what they can for us all, people are making rainbows all over the country. Some are then placing them in their windows to show their support and then when people go on their daily walk they can spot all the rainbows! Next time you’re out for your daily exercise see how many you can spot.

Magazine cuttings

If you have old magazines, booklets or leaflets you don’t need to keep any longer, you could cut them up and organise them into different colours to create your rainbow like this one!

Tissue paper could also be used to give a nice 3D effect.


You can use paint to create your rainbow as I did or you could use colouring pencils, pens, fine-liners, highlighters, crayons, anything you have. You could use stickers if you have different coloured stickers. This is what I used to help create the sun in my picture.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 21st April for our online event to make our own rainbows.

By Gabby

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