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There is only so much banana bread you can make or Netflix series you can watch before getting a little bored. So, why not become a quiz master and host a family or friend quiz! It’s a great way of staying connected to your loved ones and to have a laugh. You might also learn something new! Here’s a few video chat software’s that allow you to talk to more than one person at a time.

•    Zoom

•    Microsoft Teams

•    House Party

•    WhatsApp

•    Snapchat (a new feature they have added to the app- Group Video Chat)

So now you’ve got everyone together you better have a good quiz lined up! The internet is filled with quiz questions you could ask your family and friends, or get creative and make your own up! A top tip when writing a quiz would be to split the questions into categories, including 5-8 questions in each one. This means you can include different topics and challenge your family and friend’s knowledge!

Here are some category ideas:

  • Music
  • Animals
  • Food and Drink
  • Sports
  • TV and Film
  • History
  • Geography
  • Celebrities
  • Capitals
  • Countries
  • Technology

You could even make a PowerPoint presentation with all the questions on and use pictures/missing word type questions to make the quiz even more fun. To make the quiz interactive why not play a song for ten seconds and see if your family or friends can guess the title of the song or artist name, or even harder, what year the song was released. You really can get creative with your quiz, making it as easy or hard as you like!

You and your friends and family can take it in turns. You can host the quiz one weekend and the next someone else can. This gives you something to look forward to each week and again it’s a great way to stay connected. So, grab a cuppa or glass of wine (whatever takes your fancy) and get quizzing!

Here are a few quiz questions for inspiration! Have a go yourself and check your answers at the bottom of the page. No peeking!

Check out these websites to help you with your quiz:

Opinion Stage Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions

Please share your quiz with us! We would love to give it a go. Happy quizzing everyone!

By Izzy



1)    N’ SYNC

2)    Beyoncé

3)    Ten


1)    b) three

2)    Ladybug

3)    Giraffe

Food and Drink

1)    Nestle

2)    Grain, hops, yeast and water

3)    Seaweed

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