Get ready to travel again by learning a new language

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Travelling seems to have been one of the first things that was affected by the pandemic, but also one of the ones that we can’t wait to do again! And… what better way to get ready to travel again could there be than learning a new language? Surprisingly, this could be just the perfect moment to do it! 

However, if ordering an Espresso in an Italian Piazza, a Croque-Monsieur in a bistro in Paris like a French connoisseur or an authentic paella in Plaza de la Virgin in Valencia wasn’t motivating enough, maybe the need to escape the routine of our own four walls might be. Even if there’s no specific place that comes to your mind, learning another language can be so much more than just a travelling tool.

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After all, learning another language can be simply lots of fun. It allows us to communicate across borders, to overcome prejudices, to share ideas but, mostly, to connect to other people. And isn’t it one of the biggest fascinating perks of travelling? Thankfully, in our moment of need, modern technology comes to our rescue! Practicing another language from the comfort of our house has never been easier!

Here, there are a few suggestions of apps or websites that you could you use: 

  • Duolingo this free platform or app is perfect to start learning a new language from scratch in an entertaining way under the supervision of its iconic green owl! You can level up and even compare your achievements with your friends or follow their progress! 
  • +Babbel is a popular platform or mobile app where, by paying a small subscription, you can take up language courses online. This could be the right place to start if you prefer a more structured language course.
  • Rosetta Stone is another platform (or app) that offers language courses of 30 minutes daily lessons, based on the learning plan you select. Interestingly, they try to make you acquire a language naturally by immersing you directly in it, which might be either an interesting challenge or a frustrating obstacle. 
  • Italky, if you’re already confident enough with your level of language but you’d like to keep improving, this platform offers individual lessons with native speakers or the chance to find conversation exchange partners!
  • “Language learning with Netflix”, is a free expansion of Chrome that can be easily downloaded on your laptop and that will help you make the most out of your time on Netflix! Even though sometimes subtitles aren’t exactly faithful to what’s been said, this expansion helps you to have them both in your native language and your target one. By clicking on the words that you don’t know, it opens a pop-up dictionary that will help you expand your vocabulary!
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

So, let us know if you have decided to embark on the fantastic journey that learning another language is! Tell us which language(s) you have taken up and what you think our suggestions or if you have better ones!

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