Ready, set, FOOD!

Missing your favourite restaurants and cafés? Heartbroken that Nandos and McDonalds have closed? Yeah, me too! BUT let’s use this time to get creative in the kitchen and make use out of minimal supplies.

1)    Banana bread

Banana bread is easy peasy and is a great way to use up those brown bananas. Keep it simple or spice it up and add nuts, cinnamon, chocolate chips, dried fruit, honey, maple syrup or coffee. You know, all those random bits and bobs in your cupboard. Be creative and add them to your recipe. Now is the time to make use of them.

Here are some recipes with the main ingredients you need but you can always get creative and create your own!

Banana Bread

Banana & Walnut Loaf

2)    Cereal is not just for breakfast

You don’t just have to eat cereal for breakfast. Why not use up your cornflakes or rice crispies to make some simple but delicious snacks! Release your inner big kid! If you have a younger sibling then this is also an easy recipe for them to get involved in too!  Add marshmallows or mini eggs to create some Easter festivity!

Chocolate Crispy Cakes

Cornflake Cakes

3)    Get your 5 a day

Did you randomly just chuck as many vegetables as you could find on the shelves in your basket? Well, now is the time to use them all up. Instead of having soup from a tin, why not make it fresh. Soup can be super easy to make and there are so many different recipes that include lots of amazing flavours and spices.

Here are some ideas:

Vegetable Soup

4)    One, two, three BLEND

Start your day with a homemade smoothie, full of nutrition and your favourite fruits or vegetables.  Smoothies are quick, easy and delicious and they use up fruit that’s been sat in the bowl for a while.

There we go. Some super easy recipes with minimal ingredients that will help get you creative in the kitchen.

Comment on here or tweet us @hahReading with photos of your creations or share your favourite recipes. Keep smiling everyone!

By Izzy

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