home at halls are now working with UNIHEADS to help students better understand mental health and mental health disorders. They offer a course to help you better understand your own mental health and to help you support your friends. When problems are spotted early on they’re easier to control and improve.


Success isn’t a plain and simple journey – it comes with its ups and downs. So does university and life in general. We all have problems to overcome and personal strengths and weaknesses. This is always important to remember in order to be resilient and progress in life. Each person has different desires, abilities and even schedules at university. Some of our friends may do completely different courses to us so you have to remember not to compare yourself to others but instead prioritise your own goals and monitor your own progress.

“Participating in the course really helped me recenter my emotions and consider my priorities, plans and reflect on what I have already accomplished.” – Gabby

“After undertaking the course I feel confident in maintaining good mental health and where to seek help if needed. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and found it useful and I would recommend it to anyone” – Serene  

There is a 5 question quiz at the beginning to introduce mental health and issues surrounding it. The quiz gets your mind thinking about mental health and those affected. It reveals eye opening statistics which really cause you to think. It says that only 5% of people get full marks on the quiz and I only scored 2/5 in the pre-course quiz despite thinking that I knew a fair amount about mental health.

It mentions good and bad mental health to help you distinguish between them. I think this is good because it helps you recognise some of the good qualities that you have. Then it offers helpful and points out unhelpful coping strategies to deal with the problems we are facing which is important to be able to distinguish between them. Especially now that our ‘university life’ has taken a different turn with lots of changes to our usual routine and learning mechanisms.

There are a variety of frameworks and top tips on lots of topics to help everyone. Some are specific to university students which are really helpful. Also, there’s a section on COVID-19 which helps with many of the things everyone is struggling and worrying about right now. It offers helpful and points out unhelpful coping strategies to deal with the problems we are facing to optimise your wellbeing.

A.D.D.R.E.S.S your mental health is their specific framework to help students stay in control and maintain their mental health. It stands for: Attend. Develop Relationships. Digital Awareness. Reach Out. Exercise and Eat well. Self-control. Sleep. These are the key things to improve your mental health but are also signs that your mental health could be deteriorating if these things are lacking from your routine.

The course provides specific advice on helping others around you as well as yourself. C.L.A.S.S.mates is the framework to help you help your friends: Connect. Listen. Assess. Support. Signpost. This is really useful to spot warning signs in others and to effectively help them without being too forward and invasive.

The course has links to numerous helpful services such as Samaritans, NHS, Government information and university support networks which can be accessed instantly or you can store the contact details to refer to later if you want to. All the information from the course can also be revisited whenever you feel necessary. It could be useful to remind yourself of the information now and then so it’s great UNIHEADS allows you to do this!

You are rewarded a certificate for successful completion of the course which can be renewed annually. Therefore, UNIHEADS is extra beneficial because it can be completed to better understand your own mental health, help those around you and used to prove to potential employers that you’re proactive in taking control of yourself.

Go to: https://uniheads.co.uk

By Gabby

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