Instagram accounts worth the follow!

Emily Coxhead @emilycoxhead @thehappynewspaper

Emily created The Happy Newspaper to spread positive news and create positivity for all. Its purpose is to highlight all the good things going on in the world that other newspapers often overlook.

I love her posts because they remind me of the little things I have achieved, encourage me to find the good in everything and stay positive! I’m a big fan of positive quotes and spreading positive vibes.

Max Greenfield @iammaxgreenfield

Max from the comedy series New Girl (a recommendation if you haven’t watched it already) has been posting amusing videos of himself trying to homeschool his daughter Lilly. The pair of them are trying their best but creating humorous videos on the side. His wife also likes to comment on the videos adding humour to the stories. They highlight the struggle everyone is going through trying to stay focused amidst all of the distractions at home.

Same place, same people, but different scenario every day. I can only imagine what it would be like having to home school.

Leslie Jordan @thelesliejordan

You may know him from American Horror Story or Will & Grace but now his instagram account is a conversation starter across the world. American actor Leslie documents his days in quarantine and the thoughts that pop into his head. With a little imagination and a camera he really makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face by just being “silly”. He has become an instagram sensation and said he didn’t have as much attention when he won an Emmy. His followers have completely rocketed as the world is loving his videos to cheer them up. His face is enough to brighten my day.

Sam Thompson @samthompsonuk

Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson is always getting up to mischief on instagram and getting his friends and family involved too. He re-enacts movie scenes and replicates all the latest Tik Tok’s. Some of my favourite posts of his are when he copies his sister Louise Thompson’s posts. He gets hold of her clothes and re-creates the look on himself. He’s always made me laugh!

Ovie Soko @oviesoko

Ovie from Love Island has been posting about his days in isolation and different MOODS that occur. He was a spirit lifter in the Love Island villa and he definitely lifts my spirits during lockdown.

I also recommend following any singers, sports professionals or celebrities that you like if you don’t already as many of them do live stories, question and answers, and performances for you to enjoy. Dan Smith from Bastille gave a great live performance on Instagram!

By Gabby

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