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I loved going to museums in London and was looking forward to visiting more this Summer. Although it’s sad that I likely won’t be able to do that anymore as I’m back home in Canada, there are a lot of virtual museums that have opened up for you to enjoy from home.

National Gallery, London

I had a great time walking through here in Summer 2019. For any other art lovers, I highly recommend checking it out. The Gallery is currently offering a google virtual tour, tour of the Sainsbury Wing, and more than 300 paintings in 18 rooms.

Visit here

National History Museum, London

Google offers a tour of the national history museum, with 300 000 specimens to e-observe. The 360 degree panoramas really make you feel like you’re there.

Visit here

British Museum, London

Take a virtual tour, or explore 4.5 million objects online! The Museum also offers podcasts by experts to explain collections, so you’ll really feel like you’re taking a guided tour.

Visit here

Musée d’Orsay, Paris

This Musuem was originally built in 1990 for the Univeral Exhibition. Google lets you walk through it’s halls for free.

Visit here.

The museum in Paris

Rijks Museum, Amsterdam

This museum is host to word-famous mastepreices from the Dutch Golden Age. You can walk through the collection or select individual pieces and go through a guided visual tour. 

Visit here.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea

Open since 1969, this Museum hosts modern Korean and international art. This is a great opportunity to view art from another culture! I especially enjoyed ‘The Youth of Bacchus’.

Visit here.

Have you explored any of these Museums?

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