Be Kind

#BeKind was trending not long before lockdown and it’s always important to be kind and spread positivity to others but the outbreak of Covid-19 has made being kind even more important. We need to be kind, considerate and empathetic to the circumstances of others. Everyone is going through different things, some people are out of work, others working 14 hour days. Some have finished their exams, others are still studying. Some are living alone, others are living in large households with family or friends. Some are homeschooling, looking after family members or helping neighbours. Each one of us has different circumstances but one thing we all have in common is the ability to be kind.

Check up on your friends!

Face-time, Skype, zoom, WhatsApp, email, there are so many different ways to get in touch with your friends. Reach out to the ones you haven’t seen in a while, see how they’re doing and what they’re up to. Now you have more time to spare it would be good to catch up with old friends. Give them a call or write them a good old fashioned letter to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Don’t judge others

You’d think it would go without saying but it can be really difficult not to have an opinion on what others are doing. Everybody is dealing with the lockdown in their own way and we need to be sympathetic to this. Perhaps, you notice that your friend isn’t working out anymore or doing less of the things he used to enjoy. This could be their way of dealing with the changes occurring at the moment. Let them do what ever they feel comfortable doing but do ask if they want to talk about things or do something together perhaps. We all have our own ways of dealing with things but can always benefit from a little encouragement from those we trust.

Don’t judge yourself

Your productivity levels are going to seem lower than usual, you don’t have to get up for that 7am gym class, come back pack your lunch, get ready for university, attend lectures and your lecturers office hours, meet your friend for coffee, attend hockey training for 2 hours and then submit your assignment. Or whatever your schedule was before lockdown, it has most certainly changed now. You may feel like you’re achieving less or not doing as much but you probably are doing more than you think. Count all the positives no matter how big or small. You woke up, made breakfast, caught up with a friend, started a new book, found a new recipe for dinner, went on a nice walk and managed to complete a few paragraphs of your dissertation. All of these things you needed to do so well done!

Don’t compare yourself

This might be a really difficult time for you and you notice your friends are completing jigsaws, workouts, mastering their baking, feeling confident for exams and you might be struggling to get out of bed. Every single one of us has good and bad days or even weeks. It’s always really important to focus and prioritise yourself and your achievements. You can be pleased for others and not hate yourself because you’re doing “less”.

Praise people

Although it seems as if the world has come to a halt, there’s still a lot going on in people’s individual lives. Your friends may be completing exams, final year dissertations, online courses or even started a new blog or Tik Tok account. Spare them some words of encouragement and congratulate them for what they’ve achieved. Also, take some time out this week to think about all of the things you have achieved or made you feel good about yourself over the last few months. I believe you will have accomplished more than you realise.

Encourage others

See something that you know your friend will like? Send it to them! Whether it’s a recipe, a meme, a workout, a quote, whatever it is they will be glad you thought of them and it could encourage them to do something new. If you’re able to, send them a book that you’ve enjoyed and think they would like. I’ve posted my friends some books that I enjoyed to give them something to do and then once they’ve read it we plan catch up and discuss the book too.


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By Gabby

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