Understand your mental health: UNIHEADS review

You have likely seen many news articles from different organizations discussing how COVID-19 has affected people’s mental health. With more time to ourselves and our own thoughts, it’s not easy to move away from the feeling of impending doom. Poor mental health is also commonly misunderstood and has a lot of stigma attached to it. UNIHEADS is a new online, 30-minute information point, to help students understand mental health and how to improve/manage it. 

I tried out this program and realised I didn’t know as much about recognising stress vs. poor mental health. This course first makes sure you understand the difference between the two and how to recognise them. It then shows you a ‘toolkit’ to optimise your wellbeing and keep motivated. One of the most important pieces of information I learned about was ‘resilience’, which is our ability to recover after difficulty and is something that requires work. Especially in managing stress during these strange times, I think we have to accept that we will have ups and downs but we need to build up a strong mindset in order to face them. 

I recommend everyone take this course (it will only take 30 minutes of your time!) as it will give you strategies to try at home and help you recognize when friends might need more support. Uniheads will be added to the homeathalls app, so you can access it from there or click this link to access the website: https://uniheads.co.uk.

If you’ve tried it, did you learn something you didn’t know before about mental health?

By Nimra 

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