Sports to try at home:

With the lovely weather and lots of time to spend at home, now is the perfect time to try some different sports. I’ve put together some suggestions for you to have a go at.


If you have a tennis racket and tennis balls, you’ve got everything you need for tennis at home! You can practice hitting the ball against an outside wall like squash or you can buy a tennis ball on a string like swing ball which has a similar effect. You could even practice your dribbling or catching skills using the tennis ball, throwing and catching a tennis ball is good for your coordination skills.


Golf is another sport you can try at home, improvise your own holes and putter to put the ball and create your own private golf course. You could set a target that you hit the ball at, have something like a tunnel to get the ball through or use a cup or pot to aim to get the ball into. Set something up at one end of your kitchen, bedroom or in the garden to try put the ball into. These articles will give you more ideas how to go about playing golf at home:

Make your own mini golf course at home

Playing golf indoors

Shadow boxing

Boxing is great for giving you a full body workout and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Who needs punch bags or boxing rings when you have your kitchen? You don’t even need gloves. This video gives you a great workout:

Watch sports online:

If playing sports isn’t your thing and you prefer to watch sport rather than participate then you still have plenty of options online.


I came across a live video on Facebook on the Guinness Six Nations page. It was really easy to access information about the rugby and enabled me to rewatch an Ireland vs Wales match with additional commentary from sports commentator Dave McIntyre and Irish rugby union players Rory Best and Rob Kearney.


Match of the Day hosts Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Ian Wright show and discuss the highlights of previous Premier League matches. Classic moments you’ll probably remember if you’re an avid football fan. #MOTDRewind starts at 10:30pm (uk time) or you can catch up on BBC iPlayer if you miss them on a Saturday evening.


The Welsh Netball Facebook page also live streamed its matches when they were happening so you can go back and watch those if you’d like to learn more about its nature and skill. It’s a fast paced team sport which I used to love playing.

Watching sports or beginning to practice now may encourage you to get involved in some of the sports your university has to offer when they resume.

Netflix has a variety of films and series surrounding sports and fitness. I recently watched the Reebok Crossfit Games “Fittest in Dubai” watching some of the top athletes participate in physically and mentally demanding tasks. It was inspiring and exciting.

Let us know if you’ve been watching or trying other sports!


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