Brainteaser Puzzle Night: Try it yourself!

We held our first Zoom Brainteaser Puzzle Night on May 26th, which everyone really enjoyed! If you weren’t able to make it, here are the 10 rounds for you try yourself at home. We put a 5 minute time limit for each round, but you could use however much time you like. Scroll to the very bottom to see the answers. Good luck!

Question 1 

Slylock Fox and Max Mouse needed the rope on the ground to escape, but none of the onlookers could throw it as high as their window. However, Slylock and his sidekick found a solution and managed to escape the fire. What did they do?

Question 2 

You have a drawer with 10 pairs of black socks and 10 pairs of white socks. How many times do you need to blindly reach inside the drawer and take out a sock, so that you get a matching pair?

Question 3





Question 4 




Question 5

Which one is the air view of the tower on the left?

Question 6

Which is the side view of the image on the left?

Question 7

Which bunny does not have a pair? (Ignore the expressions and extra hat and vegetables; focus on the spots)

Question 8

Which of the following words is the odd-one-out? 

IBIS     IBEX     ORYX     SIKA     ZEBU

Question 9 

  1. How many tourists are staying at this camp?
  2. It is likely what season?
  3. How far away is the closest village? (close or far)
  4. Where did Alex go?
  5. Who was on duty yesterday? (Give their name)

Question 10

Draw 2 squares in the schoolyard in order to separate all students from each other.


Have you had a proper try of each of the questions? Then scroll to see the answers!



Try not to cheat!

Question 1: Slylock asked the fisherman to cast his line to their window. After the fishing line was in Slylock’s hands, he told the beaver to remove the remaining line from the reel and tie it to the end of the rope. Slylock used the line to pull the rope up and then went down along it. Credit:

Question 2:  Only 3 times. Once you have two socks of the same color, they already form a matching pair. Credit:

Question 3: A= Chicago, B=Venice, C= Baboon, D= Magpie. Credit:

Question 4: A=look before you leap, B= running on empty, C= A walk around the block


Question 5: A

Question 6: D

Question 7:


Question 8: IBIS is a bird, the rest are mammals 


Question 9:

  • 1 = 4 people
  • 2= Summer
  • 3= close; there is a chicken visible
  • 4= Alex went to catch butterflies. 
  • 5= Since Peter is on duty today – cooking food for the group, it was Colin on duty yesterday.
  • Credit:

Question 10:


That’s all! How many questions did you get correct?

By Nimra  

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